Cool Cat

A good-hearted hacker, savvy with computers and nothing else


Name: Cool Cat Tradition: Virtual Adepts Cabal: Questors of the Sign Essence: Questing Nature: Poltroon Demeanour: Rebel
Attributes: Dex: 3 Sta: 3 Str: 2/App: 2 Cha: 2 Man:2/Int: 3 Per: 3 Wits: 4
Abilities: Abilities – Alertness 5 /Skills -Crafts (Computers) 4, Firearms 1, Technology 4/ Knowledges -Computer 4, Science (Physics) 4, Investigation 4, Academics 1/
Backgrounds: Resources 2, Contacts 2, Avatar 1, Arcane 2
Arête: 3
Willpower: 5
Spheres: Correspondence 3, Forces 3, Matter 2
Resonance: 1 Pattern (Fractal)


Cool Cat is an old school hacker. Sure, he believes people, and especially information, should be free, but his main concern is creating, playing, breaking things and putting them back together again and making them better, and just generally playing. Awakened Cool Cat is not that different from un-Awakened Cool Cat – it’s just that now he has more and cooler toys, which he always knew were out there. Cool Cat knows the Technocracy has all the best stuff, but he doesn’t dig their facist nature, so he focuses on retro-engineering and repurposing their tech, particularly computer infrastructure. Cool Cat is an expert at controlling the flow of information in the city, whether changing traffic lights to stymie pursuit or rerouting and tapping phone calls. Cool Cat has a big brotherly affection for his fellow student of Captain Chaos, Ann Archy, but fears she is getting in way over her head.

Cool Cat was killed by Triodia’s death curse.

Cool Cat

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