Chrysanthemum Silence

A miko exorcist


Chrysanthemum Silence was raised at a small shinto shrine in rural Japan, where she learned the ways of the gods and spirits. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she was possessed by an extremely powerful Gaki called Itoi; by the time Chrysanthemum Silence regained control of her body, her shrine was destroyed and her friends and family dead. Rather than giving into despair, Chrysanthemum Silence swore revenge. She traveled the length and breadth of Japan, learning the secrets of the ofuda and exorcism from the secret masters.

Eventually, having learned everything she could, Chrysanthemum Silence tracked down Itoi, and engaged him in battle. After 3 days and 3 nights of battle, Chrysanthemum Silence emerged victorious, and Itoi was destroyed. Since that time, Chrysanthemum Silence has wandered Japan, battling demons and hungry ghosts.

Art Valentine used his connections to be put in touch with Chrysanthemum Silence who approached the kingly mage in a dream. Art asked for her help to get more information on Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces and for help in dealing with The Lurker At The Threshold. He managed to convince Chrysanthemum Silence to aid him so she made the journey to Birmingham. While her help was ultimately not required in dealing with The Lurker, she was able to offer a wealth of information on Noh and the nature of other spirits. In return for her services, Art Valentine crafted a katana and wakizashi enchanted with powerful Prime magics, making them ideal for dispatching spirits. Chrysanthemum Silence named them the “Singing Sisters” for the song like hum they emanate when wielded.

Chrysanthemum Silence

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