Akiko's spirit guide


Choji is a crow of unusual bearing and demeanour – perhaps his unusual demeanour derives from the fact that he speaks Japanese in a deep voice.


The geomancers of The Ninube Clan are frightfully accurate in predicting which children will Awaken. Akiko Ninube was one such child; kidnapped from her crib, she was brought up to a perfect agent of the ninja clan. Akiko excelled at her training, and never questioned the only life she knew, until one day one of the ubiqutious ravens at The Ninube Compound spoke to her. The bird did nothing more than ask her questions about why she did what she did, but his gentle prodding caused Akiko to reconsider killing people at the behest of Karasu “Otosan” Ninube. After Akiko decided to flee the Ninube, the bird, who introduced himself as Choji, helped her in her flight. He guided her to the Iron Dragon Monastery, and Abbot Zhao Shu.

Choji has been with Akiko ever since. Choji guides Akiko with gentle wisdom, never prodding, only asking questions that cause Akiko to reexamine her situation. Choji is in fact Akiko’s avatar, that part of Akiko that allows her to perform magic. Akiko is relatively unique that her avatar has manifested physically, and seeks to guide her directly toward enlightenment. When Choji counsels Akiko, he does so with the wisdom of countless lifetimes.

Choji recently had an unnerving encounter with Thomas; Choji may know much about the ways of men, but strangely he knows little about the ways of birds.


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