Charles the Vagrant

A perceptive street person


Charles is a person who is clearly down on his luck; his clothes are in a rough state from a near-lifetime from sleeping rough. Despite his reduced circumstances, Charles still carries himself with dignity, and he observes his surroundings with avidity.


Charles Beasley is living proof that bad things can happen to good people. Charles grew up in a loving family, did well in school, and had great career prospects. When he was quite young, Charles struck out on his own, and everything seemed to be going well. But then his family members started dying; his father had an unexpected fatal stroke, and shortly after that his mother was killed in a car accident. On the heels of these tragedies, Charles was laid off from his job, through no fault of his own. However, with no career and no family to turn to, Charles was in dire straits. He turned to the dole, but his paperwork was lost and before he knew it, Charles had been evicted from his flat. Out of a job, and with no place to live, Charles soon found that his options dwindled, and before long, he was out on the street.

Though he has not given up hope of getting his life back in order, Charles has become quite adept at living on the streets. He knows what churches will give him charity, and safe and warm places to sleep, as well as which bobbies will turn a blind eye to his vagrancy and those that must be avoided. Charles doesn’t miss much, and David Joy had come to rely on his observations in his quest to clear the streets of Birmingham of crime. Charles doesn’t know what to make of the troubled young man; Joy scares Charles, but David is always kind to Charles, and Charles can sense David’s drive to do good.

Charles’ luck seems to be turning around. Though he hasn’t managed to get his life back on track, two organizations within the city have offered to help him and people like him. Charles has made use of both The Mission House and New Camelot for their charity to the poor. Recently, Charles has become very close to The Martyrs and he has been a valuable source of information to them about the goings on in Birmingham that others may not notice. While Charles doesn’t fully understand the work that the Martyrs are performing, he know that it is important.

Charles the Vagrant

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