Captain Chaos

A mysterious and vengeful computer expert


Captain Chaos is the erstwhile mentor of Ann Archy and Cool Cat. He attempted to retaliate against Sarah Giles for her role in the deaths of his students, but she promptly turned his cyber attack against him and humiliated him.

The next that Sarah heard about Captain Chaos was from her own mentor, The Red Queen. The Red Queen told Sarah that rumour had it that Captain Chaos had discovered a section of unformatted web, but then gone missing shortly after. Sarah was able to find the unformatted web, but discovered it was shielded by one of Captain Chaos’s signature Chaos Spheres – a fire wall of great complexity that would be time consuming to break. Instead, Sarah tracked Captain Chaos’s cybersignature to his sanctum in Brighton, and liberated his equipment to break the cipher. Upon reviewing his security logs, Sarah discovered that Captain Chaos had been caught off guard and captured by low-lifes who he owed money to – money he had powered to build his powerful computer system. The Misfits attempted to rescue Captain Chaos, but found that they had arrived too late, and that Chopper had already killed Captain Chaos.

Sarah ensures that Captain Chaos’s legacy lives on by incorporating the best of his computer equipment and cryptography techniques into her own practices.



Captain Chaos

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