Byron Bishop

Forester and apprentice


Byron Bishop came to the Verbena through a roundabout method. When he was working as a Forester at Cannock Chase, he fell and was injured; he half-remembered a strange being coming to his aid. Feeling enchanted by this being, Byron continued to return to the same place, deep in Cannock Chase. Often, he would just go the secluded clearing and enjoy the serenity. Eventually, after a great deal of time, The Faun finally revealed himself to Byron. Byron and The Faun grew close, and Byron would return to clearing as often as he was able, while still working as a Forester.

One day, Byron was approached by a man who introduced himself as The Falconer. The Falconer told Byron that he was the apprentice of The Faun, but that he was leaving on a pilgrimage; would Byron like to become the Faun’s new apprentice? Hardly knowing what he was getting into, Byron agreed, and The Falconer provided him with a crash-course on The Faun’s sign language and the hidden world before introducing him to the rest of The Lichfield Six and leaving.

Now, Byron serves as The Page of Staves for The Arcana. As the interpreter for the Faun, he has had to learn a great deal about the Verbena and the Traditions in a short time. Fortunately, Byron is a quick study. More importantly, under the tutelage of The Faun, he has begun to learn to do things that he never dreamed were possible. Byron knows he still has a great deal to learn, but he is an eager student.

Byron Bishop

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