John Bull's deal broker


John Bull is a rotund man, who dresses in a flamboyant style: a top hat, a gaudy Union Jack waist-coat, and spats. He is almost always seen smoking a cigar, and is usually found in his “office”, in a room below The Union Jack, an upscale restaurant in Birmingham.


Bulldog is the deal-broker for John Bull; no one has ever met the secretive crime lord, and any work done for John Bull is conducted through Bulldog. Bulldog also arranges for payments, and is always happy to lavish praise for a job well done. Despite his shady dealings, Bulldog seems to be a man who enjoys the finer things in life.


Recently, Bulldog’s criminal activities caught up with him. Caught between an elaborate scheme and a violent underling, he was arrested in an implicated kidnapping of a local councillor, Nicholas Black.

He was murdered while in custody of the Birmingham police department by Akiko Ninube, at the behest of Rory Cooper. Nicholas Black summoned the spirit of the recently deceased Bulldog and interrogated him to learn the true identity of John Bull.


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