A warrior woman who holds the old ways


Str. 2, Dex. 3, Sta. 3/App. 3, Cha. 3, Man. 2/Int. 3, Wits 2, Per.3
Abilities: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Awareness 5, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Leadership 3/Crafts 3, Etiquette 5 (Fairy), Meditation 2, Melee 4, Stealth 3, Survival 4/Cosmology 3, Enigmas 2, Medicine 4 (Herb-Lore), Occult 2
Spheres: Life 4, Time 2, Spirit 3, Prime 2
Arete: 5
Backgrounds: Chantry 5, Past Lives 3, Dream 2
Merits: Natural Shapeshifter
Signature Rotes: Nature’s Wrath, Rejuvenation, Bear-Skin


Boudica was a former Emissary, and is the daughter of The Green Man. When she outgrew the position, she took up the traditional spear of The Guardians of the Sacred Grove and vowed to defend the node. The Sacred Grove is the only home that Boudica has ever known, and she will defend it to her death. As she knows little of the modern world, many mages find Boudica very difficult to deal with, but those who share her ideals find her a charming, if intense young woman. Boudica and the Green Man share the duties of leading the Guardians of the Sacred Grove, after a fashion – depending on the season, one will have control. Boudica leads the cabal during the Spring and Autumn.

Boudica has largely taken over the tutelage of Rory Cooper; at the same time, she has come to rely on his quiet strength.

Boudica left the Guardians of the Sacred Grove for a period of months at the beginning of 1985 to journey with the Travelers, over a difference in opinion with Seer regarding Rory’s geas, but she has since returned.

Boudica continues to guide the Grove and tutor Rory and whenever he comes out to the grove. More recently, she has been helping Rory to understand the spiritual nature of his abilities.

When Rory was accosted by a fearsome, tainted unicorn in the umbra he was forced to strike a deal or die – bring the unicorn its master, so it might consume her soul. Rory and the Misfits researched the history of the unicorn and discovered it was Hengroen, a familiar of a witch killed by the inquisition during the Middle Ages.

They learned that Boudica was the reincarnation of that witch. She urged Rory to destroy the tainted creature, lest it cause more harm. He ignored her advice and trapped the beast and worked to exorcise it of its demons. Still, she declined to reunite with the beast. After some delicate work, Art finally convinced Boudica to confront her past lives, make peace with Hengroen and move on.

Having done so, she grew in power and strength as a person and a mage.


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