Ava Frost

A demon liaison.


Ava appears as a stunningly gorgeous young woman. Her blonde hair and full lips stir desire in nearly everyone she meets.


Ava is demon in a human body and is the senior named partner in the Frost and Hall law firm. They operate in both London and Birmingham. She also acts as the liaison between Hell and all of the Demons in England, Scotland, Wales, and The Isle of Man.

Ava is ambitious, intelligent and dangerously beautiful. She has never lost a case and will resort to any means to win. Her law firm oversees most of the investment contracts involving The Mammon Investment group in the United Kingdom. She specializes in both corporate and criminal law.

Frustrated with the lack of opportunities for advancement in Hell, Ava duped a mortal satanist into performing a ritual to bring her into the world. She quickly got out of her geas due to a loophole in the fine print and killed her summoner, effectively freeing her to walk the world. Now she works her influence in the mortal world where there is room to grow. Ava is not one of the Fallen Angels. She was once a Fae spirit before seeing a better opportunity in Hell. She has grown quite powerful since her demonic transformation but is still frustrated by her inability to match the strength of the Fallen. She is one of the leading members Hell’s modernist movement.

Despite her smouldering appearance, Eva is a particularly cold and distant woman. She only respects people who have proven themselves useful to her in some fashion or another. Ava is an ally of Nicholas Black. They have worked together a few times in the past and often find that their goals align for mutual benefit.

Following a disconcerting audit, Ava has been legitimizing many of Mammon Groups accounts and interests, striving to dominate the financial market through perfectly legal means, beating the mortals at their own game.

Ava Frost was kidnapped along with Jack O’Shadows by The King of Winter in an effort to lure Nicholas Black and Rory Cooper to his realm to undertake a quest. The Fae lord held the two women as ransom until the creatures freed “his” dragon Sulfuron at the edge of his realm. After a great journey, Nicholas and Rory destroyed the wards binding the dragon and killed it, technically freeing it. While this later turned out to be a grand ruse by the winter king, as the dragon actually belonged to The Summer Queen, Ava and Jack were released back into the care of Nick and Rory and Nicholas managed to get the King of Winter to forswear all claim to Ava Frost.

After regaining consciousness back on Earth, Ava revealed that she had pulled some strings to avoid going through the Scourging, the initiation process of all demons. This had allowed the King of Winter to exert his power over her and bind her to his will. Nicholas explained the King of Winter’s promise but the newly resolved Ava said it was time to pay her dues and that she would go to hell and undertake the process. Before she left, she thanked Nicholas for rescuing her, to which he simply said, “We are Legion”.

Ava Frost

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