Art Valentine

A righteous leader


A kingly mage.


Blessed with a keen mind and natural charisma, Art Valentine experienced his awakening as a grad student while at a dig site in northern England. He followed a mysterious whispering voice into a cave where he found an ancient medieval sword embedded in a stone. Wrapping his hand around the hilt, the blade slid from the rock like a knife through butter. Memories and understanding flooded his mind and Art Valentine realized his purpose and destiny. He is the reincarnation of the ancient King Arthur, and England belongs to him.

When Art had his awakening, it set off a chain reaction of awakenings, two of whom were known to Art. His girlfriend Morgan Lafayette awakened as the reincarnation of Morgana, and his best friend Martin Vincent awoke as the reincarnation of Merlin. While Morgan acts as an adversarial force in Art’s life, she paradoxically does this out of a place of love and concern for his well being. Martin supported Art’s ambitions up until Martin’s death during a battle against a primordial god of nothingness.

In the mortal world, Art is a medieval history teacher at Birmingham University, where he has inducted some of his best students into his knights, having them act as personal champions in the community. Though most of their acts involve simple charity work, the Round Table knights have trained extensively to become competent swordsman, and they have experienced battle against the forces of the Technocracy.

Art is a master swordsman and is capable of enhancing his body and mind for battle making him one of the most physically powerful members of The Misfits. He is also a blacksmith trained by the Dwarves in distant realms. Magically, he is a master of Prime magic, able to infuse magical energy permanently into objects to enchant them with extraordinary abilities. Art has crafted several wonders for the Misfits and enchants potions that can increase the physical and mental capabilities of his knights and cabal mates.

Art is also extensively connected in Tradition politics and has earned great respect and some scorn for his claim to greatness as the new King Arthur. Art is a tradition herald and may freely travel to most places restricted to ordinary mages provided he is going for tradition business. Spearheading the initiative known as The Accord, Art has brought together several cabals into a mutual defense force against Technocratic operations. He makes his place of power at The Black Berg, which he has renamed New Avalon, and re-purposed it into the center of Accord operations.

Art Valentine

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