Ann Archy

An anarchist hacker and bomber


Name: Ann Archy Tradition: Virtual Adepts Cabal: Ascension Warriors Essence: Pattern Nature: Cracker Jack Demeanour: Rebel
Attributes: Dex:2 Sta: 2 Str: 2 /App:4 Cha:2 Man:2/ Int:4 (Analytical) Per:2 Wits:3
Abilities: Abilities – Alertness 3, Dodge 1,Subterfuge 2 /Skills – Craft: Explosives 4, Technology 5 (Electronics)/ Knowledges -Computer 5(Hacking), Science 5 (Chemistry), Enigmas 3
Backgrounds: Arcane 3, Avatar 2, Wonder 3 (Trinary Computer), Resources 3
Arête: 4
Willpower: 6
Spheres: Correspondence 3, Forces 2, Matter 1,
Resonance: 1 Pattern (Fractal)
Merits: Concentration, Lightning Calculator, Eidetic Memory
Flaws: Sphere Inept (Prime)
Noteworthy Rotes: Ka-Boom!


As a little girl, Ann Archy always preferred playing with machines and electronics to playing with dolls. But what she especially loved was taking things apart; she was less concerned with putting them back together. Ann Archy studied under the same Virtual Adept mentor as Cool Cat, Captain Chaos, but derides both of them as being cowards who are unwilling to face the music. As her nom de guerre suggests, Ann Archy believes everyone should be free, and the Technocracy has no right to guide the development of humanity. She uses her knowledge of computers, technology, and explosives to turn Technocracy constructs against their owners, or failing that, just destroy them. Ann Archy’s signature is a Trinary Computer she calls her Book of Shadows, a mocking nod to her friend Triodia.

Ann Archy took part in the attack on the Prometheus building, and was responsible for setting the explosives that destroyed the clone slugs, as well as cutting power to the area. Ann Archy was killed by Sarah Giles in the Misfits’ attack on the Ascension Warriors.

Ann Archy

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