Allende the Pyromancer

A master of fire based alchemy


Allende the Pyromancer is a middle-aged man of Spanish extraction. His hair and beard have slightly gone to grey, which gives him an air of distinction, even if the effect is somewhat spoiled by the fact that his beard is often singed at the tip. He carries himself with a vivacious energy, and his eyes almost always sparkle with merriment. When he is in his lab, he wears practical, flame resistant clothes, but when he is at leisure, he tends to dress in clothing that suggests that he considers himself a swashbuckler at heart.


Most people see fire as a force for destruction. Most people are not alchemists however. To the alchemist, fire is a purifying force. After all, doesn’t a forest grow stronger and healthier after a forest fire?

Allende the Pyromancer takes the alchemist’s obsession with fire to the extreme. As a young man, he discovered that he was impervious to flame. Instead of causing him to be irresponsible around fire, however, Allende developed a near-reverence for it. Indeed, he perceived a special connection to fire. Allende’s fascination reached perhaps its natural conclusion when one day he was the victim of spontaneous combustion. As far as the world was concerned, the man he had been was dead. But strangely, the man who would become Allende was found wandering around Rome. He was taken in by the Order of Hermes when he was discovered inadvertently creating flames with a touch.

Allende was watched extremely closely in the libraries of the Order of Hermes, but his intuitive understanding of flame ensured that he rose quickly in the organization, once his firestarting was under control.

These days, Allende is one of the Order of Hermes’ most respected masters, which means he had no problem finding a space at Elysium. His understanding of fire and flame based alchemy is unparalleled. He can create fire which behaves in unusual ways: fire that burns with cold, fire that burns only specific objects, fire that can “unburn” previously burnt objects (including flesh). Perhaps his most intriguing capability is the one he developed when he learned to harness his tendency to spontaneously combust: every fifty years, Allende spontaneously combusts, but reappears the next day as a man in his 20’s. Through years of study, Allende has learned to retain his memories through the transition. As such, like many residents of Elysium, Allende is much older than his years would suggest.

Allende does not currently belong to a cabal. However, the young orphan Jack O’Shadows tracked him down when she was in Elysium, and convinced him to impart some of his knowledge to her in exchange for tass. Thus far the relationship has proven to be a mutually beneficial one.

Allende the Pyromancer

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