Alice Wright

Spiteful beauty


A shameless groupie, selfish and self-destructive. She is petty girl with daddy issues and a drug habit.

Alice used to date Rory Cooper but she “hangs out” with Denton’s gang now. She uses her good looks to get her way – playing up the damsel in distress when it suits her needs.

in 1985, she confronted Rory after he put her current boyfriend, Denton Hull, in the hospital. She was holding a small child, filled with rage and despairing at the state of Denton, who was ostensibly supporting her and the baby.

She angrily suggested that Rory is responsible for the baby after the incident with Denton. It was also implied that Rory is possibly the father of the child, which he steadfastly denies. He assumes Alice is a liar and the child is not his.

Without Rory’s or the Misfits’ knowledge, Nicholas Black has taken young Alice and the baby under his wing, offering money, advice and emotional support during such trying and difficult times.

Whether Nicholas’ motivations are to protect a potential child of Rory Cooper or if he seeks to exploit Alice in a convoluted, slow-burning scheme that might involve Denton Hill remains to be seen.

In the spring of 1986,Lancelot, a disciple of Art Valentine was dispatched to seek the whereabouts of Guinevere, to help fulfill Art’s quest to restore a modern day Camelot. Lancelot found himself drawn to Alice, sensing her potential behind her sneering personage. Whether she is the queen-consort or not remains to be seen, but the incredulous laughter of Rory Cooper and Nicholas Black echoes throughout the Gun Quarter at the thought.

Art Valentine was elected to the City Council and he hoped to emulate Nicholas’ success in reforming people considered to be lost causes. He offered to hire Alice as his secretary. Alice however, fancied Art Valentine and tried to blackmail him into a sexual encounter. He refused and she said she would just people that he tried to force himself on her. Worrying at this turn of events, Art confided in Martin about the encounter. Martin took matters into his own hands and suffocated Alice in her sleep, leaving Denton Hull alone to raise their child.

Alice Wright

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