Albert "Docter Clockwerk" Breitling

A clockwork cyborg


Nature: Hacker Demeanour: Mad Scientist Essence: Static
Str. 6, Dex. 1, Sta.5 /App. 0, Cha. 1, Man.2 / Int. 6, Per. 4, Wits 3
Abilities: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Leadership 3, Firearms 3, Melee 2, Research 4, Stealth 2, Academics 5, Enigmas 2, Law 3, Occult 3, Politics 2
Willpower: 7
Arete: 6
Spheres: Forces 4, Life 3, Matter 4, Prime 4,
Resonance: Static (Rigid) 4
Backgrounds: Enhancements 5, Lab 4, Genius 3,


Albert Breitling was one of the first test subjects for Iteration X’s prototype cyborg project in the 19th Century. Most of the recipients of the Clockwork enhancements died hideous deaths, but not only did Albert survive, his enhancements had the strange side effect of greatly enhancing his intellect. Albert went from being a simple test subject to being one of the most respected minds of Iteration X.

Although he could have replaced them long ago, Albert relishes the effect that his enhancments have on agents outside of Iteration X. Maybe assume that he is no more than a relic of the past, which is just what Albert wants them to think. In truth, Doctor Clockwerk has a stunning grasp of the most advanced science of The Technocracy, and was one of the leading minds in the creation of the HIT Mark V.

Albert was sent to oversee the production of HIT Mark V at Genesis after the T-13 disaster. He is also working on the technology that will pave the way for the HIT Mark VI.

Docter Klockwerk was killed by Shadow while trying to input coordinates for a HIT Mark insertion.

Albert "Docter Clockwerk" Breitling

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