Adam, The Silence Killer

A masterless golem, driven to kill


The serial killer the media has dubbed “The Silence Killer” is in truth a Golem who has dubbed himself Adam. Adam is a golem constructed of Red Clay, standing nearly 7 feet tall – he has four arms (although he usually keeps his second set concealed) and is inscribed with Hebrew letters. When he moves about the city, he does so at night, and conceals his bizarre appearance beneath a trenchoat and hat.

Str: 6 Sta: 6 Dex: 3/App: 0 Cha: 2 Man: 2/ Int: 4 Per: 2 Wits: 2
Brawl: 4, Intimidation: 3, Stealth: 5, Cosmology: 5, Occult: 5 (Kaballah, Demonology)
Health: Invulnerable, until “chia” is removed, then, 9 health levels, no penalties
Willpower: 5
Arete: 3
Spheres: Spirit 3, Forces 3, Matter 3
Resonance: Static (Sluggish) 1
Merits: Invulnerability 7, Insensible to Pain, Huge Size, Extra Arms
Flaw: Phylactery (“Apple of Knowledge”, embedded in chest), Monstrous


The Silence Killer is a serial killer who is plaguing Birmingham. His first victim was a prostitute, so initially the authorities thought it might be a Jack the Ripper situation, but the next victim of The Silence Killer was a teenage boy, and the third a prominent doctor in Birmingham. The only things the victims have in common is the fact that their throats were slit and their tongues were removed.

David Joy evinced interest in putting a stop to the crimes, and he investigated the killings. Along with Nicholas Black, Joy summoned the spirit of the third victim of the Silence Killer, a surgeon named Dr. Hart, who told them only “Cold Red Hands”.

After the Silence Killer struck a fourth time, Rupert Cain joined Nick and David in investigating, and found some red clay at the scene of the killing. Rupert Cain’s hermetic background naturally lead him to suspect a golem had committed the killings, and his suspicions were confirmed when he used Time magic to witness the crime. With the link to the killer, The Misfits quickly tracked down the golem and put an end to his existence.

Amongst the golem’s effects, Rupert Cain found a journal written in Hebrew. In the journal, Cain learned that the golem had dubbed himself Adam. Adam was created by a Rabbi Avi Schwartz, a Czech Jew who was widely known for his wisdom and his knowledge of the Kabbalah and the Talmud. Unfortunately, there was a darkside to Schwartz, and he often secretly indulged his urges. As a result, he feared the fate of his soul and sought the secrets to immortality in the Kaballah. However, as he delved deeper into esoteric mysticism, he became paranoid that others were trying to steal his work or even kill him. So, taking a cue from the history of his city, he created a Golem to protect him. However, Schwartz was not careful in instructing his Golem to protect him – he gave him the command to simply protect him, and the Golem interpreted his blasphemous actions as harmful to him, so he killed the Rabbi. Adrift after the death of his master, the Golem tried to protect the Jewish people of Prague but was met with only terror. The Golem taught himself Kaballahism from his master’s texts, and vowed to have revenge on the cruel creator. He sought the secret of the Voynich manuscript cipher, so that he could summon and bind Lillith and her host of demons, and with her aid take the Almighty to task for failing his creations.

Adam, The Silence Killer

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