Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 89

Moral Event Horizon

March 26, 1987 – April 2, 1987
-Nicholas Black enlists the aid of Rudy McKenna to get Churchill Farms up to speed. Rudy agrees, in exchange for some rare alchemical ingredients
-Art Valentine sets up a meeting with Allende the Pyromancer for Rory Cooper. Nick tags along while they are in Elysium, and gets help from Mother Abigail to secure most of the ingredients that Rudy needs
-Dr. Miriam Sharp contacts Nick to approve a potential candidate for her social program; Nick can’t identify any conflicts, and gives her his blessing
-Rory buys a used van
-Art meets Jada Monroe, an enthusiastic and seemingly wealthy student of archaeology
-Morgan Lafayette addresses The Accord, warning them about Art’s dangerous ambitions and willingness to do anything and sacrifice anything to fulfill his goals. Morgan, with the help of Goodberry, casts suspicion on Nick, because of his Nephandic taint, which casts suspicion on Art by proxy
-Art and Nick run damage control, and manage to keep the Accord together. Sant-Sipahi, a once staunch ally, harbours doubts, however, due to Art’s seemingly soft stance on the subject of demons
-Rory connects with Allende, and together they pledge themselves to breaking the geas afflicting Jack O’Shadows
-Art tries to help Rory find some Verbena cabals that might be willing to provide a child to act as the new Emissary
-Nick provides a financial contribution to E.V.A., to help her with her purchase of computer parts, in exchange for a list of the email addresses of the all the ranking members of the Technocracy in Birmingham
-Nick sets up a meeting with Susan Smith



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