Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 88

Reunions and Introductions

March 21, 1986 – March 25, 1986
-Art Valentine awakens to the face of The Faun, in the territory of The Arcana. Art discovers that Heph brought him and Ronin to Lichfield after their encounter with the advanced HIT-Marks, so that The Faun could heal them. Art learns more about Ronin’s history and motivations
-Rory Cooper conducts a ritual to formally induct Luke (from Coventry) and Rudy (from Leeds) into Sons of Odin, empowering them to spread the cult to those cities
-Nick travels to Sierra Leone, and recruits Madeleine Swinton to serve as Rangda’s apprentice. He has to agree to bring and look after her brothers and sisters, however. Nick takes the family to Birmingham through the Umbra, and has them stay at The Church of the First Blood while he sorts things out
-Nick asks Art Valentine for help with Madeleine’s siblings; Mart contacts Paige Herod, and convinces her to allow the children to stay at The Hounds of Artemis Commune, so long as the children are granted frequent access to Madeleine
-Art has Sarah Giles try to learn more about Ronin; as far as she can tell, most of what he told Art was the truth
-Rory leads The Travelers to the Church, and The Misfits and the Travelers reconnect and reminisce. Fergus Simes, who has become the defacto leader of the Travelers, commiserates with Rory over the abdication of duties by the old patriarchs – The White Man, Seer, and Rupert Cain, among others. Firelily Wainwright, who acts as the primary liaison between the White Man and the Travelers, and the White Man’s assistant, seems worn out by her dual roles, and enjoys the break
-Nick presents Madeleine to Rangda, and Randga takes her on as an apprentice, in exchange for ceasing her blood-feud with Rory



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