Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 86

Malekki's Hermitage

March 6, 1987 – March 20, 1987
-Nicholas Black acquires a small derelict farm just outside of Birmingham called Churchill House, and none too soon: members of The Renouncers begin to show symptoms similar to post-hypnotic suggestion, so he sequesters them and requests the aid of Elizabeth Granger to help “deprogram” them
-Rory Cooper travels to The Sacred Grove, and discovers that Seer has gone missing, and that The Travelers will arrive in Birmingham. Boudica asks Rory to host the Travelers at The Church of the First Blood
-Art Valentine gets advice from Paige Herod and Cybil Howard regarding Sarah Giles’s Mmenophage Device and the forthcoming machinations of Morgan Lafayette
-Rory and the Sons of Odin scry the dark elf Malekki
-Nick and Rory seek an audience with Malekki
-Nick and Art visit Serana of the The Lichfield Six looking for the leftover Primium from the HIT Marks that attacked The Mission Housing, but she tells them that the Technocracy had already cleared the site before the Arcana got there
-Rory seeks to learn more about the “gift” given to him by King Alfred gave him, and discovers that it includes enchantments that make it unable to harm Dark Elves, as well as a powerful scrying focus point that would allow King Alfred to pierce scrying wards. Rory fears that this has allowed King Alfred to scry the location of Malekki, and rushes to Norway to defend him
-Nick travels to Chelsea and uses The Orb of Elantris to scry a potential apprentice for Rangda, then departs for Svartalfheim to keep his scheduled meeting with King Alfred to continue to educate him on the ways of Midgard



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