Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 85

The Church of the Machine God

-Mel Chow asks Sarah Giles for help reaching Autochtonia, in exchange for the mind of Ally Graves, which is being kept there by The Spider. Nicholas Black, Akiko Ninube, and Sarah demur, promising to consider it, and collectively deciding to keep an eye on Mel and E.V.A., who resides in Mel’s brain
-Shinzo Watanabe provides Akiko with a list of 7 targets for assassination, to send a message to the Genovese crime family and Dom Vito after their betrayal. Shinzo asks that all the targets be killed as gruesomely as possible, preferably in front of witnesses, on Valentine’s Day. Akiko uses her Shinobi-jutsu to kill all 7 targets at once
-Nick asks for Sarah and Valerie‘s help building a state-of-the-art mainframe for Mammon Investment Group offices in London. Sarah and Val successfully produce the mainframe, despite the bad feelings they get from working at the office (and the strange man who leers at them as they work)
-bored and lonely, Akiko attempts to visit the Digital Web, but her trip doesn’t go well
-Akiko and Nick follow one of the missing Renouncers to a disused toy-shop , where they see The Child of Night forcefully inducting the demon into her cult. Nick intimidates the Child, but she nevertheless intimates that as far as the Mammon Group is concerned, she has done nothing wrong
-In exchange for her help in discovering the fate of the Renouncers, Nick summons Loki so Akiko can ask why Hel wants to kill her. Loki explains that he impersonated Hel and offered the spirit of Angrboda, Hel’s mother, in exchange for Akiko’s spirit. Loki suggests that Hel will step at nothing to get her mother’s spirit back, but also suggests that that is Akiko’s problem and leaves
-Nick extends his protection to the Renouncers officially, making them his cult.
-Akiko meets Sant-Sipahi, who is more than happy to cross blades and test one another in a friendly fashion



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