Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 84

Funky Town

-Akiko Ninube agrees to take Shinzo Watanabe‘s contract to send a message to the Genovese crime family
-Valerie sends some information on the Genovese heroin distribution network to her contact at the NYPD records room, George Sinclair
-Nick travels to the Miracle Man’s sanctum and summons the spirit of the Miracle Man to ask about how to restore Silver. The Miracle Man suggests that since Silver possessed the spirit of Sir Kay, perhaps Art Valentine should serve him as the young Arthur once served Kay as a younger foster brother and squire
-Val creates advanced compression software and uploads it to the Digital Web and relevant BBS and usenet lists
-Nicholas Black travels to Lichfield and meets with Serana, who fobs him off onto Dr. Miriam Sharp
-After several days of fruitless effort, Akiko finally makes contact with Yoshi, leader of The Gold Dragons, hoping to learn the fate of Tsyakuren, The Poison Sky and Shukusachi. Yoshi fills her in on what has happened with the Sleeping Dragons in her absence and after the defeat of The Ninube Clan, informing her that Lady Ninube’s daisho is currently in the hands of Master Jade
-back in Birmingham, and searching for some way to make herself useful while she waits to hear back from Yoshi, Akiko decides to infiltrate The Prometheus Building. However, on the way she is waylaid by a strange man who tries to grapple her. Akiko dispatches her attacker, but upon his death, he explodes
-Nick and Dr. Miriam Sharp cross verbal swords over the matter of their respective social programs, and pledge to inform one another before recruiting anyone from the other’s respective city
-Sarah Giles, trying to discover the fate of her friend Mel Chow, spends time calling computer stores in Birmingham that might have the kind of equipment that she saw Mel stealing from the University of Birmingham. Eventually she tracks her to a residential neighbourhood, and with the help of Akiko and Nick, finds an access to one of the former sites of the Project AEGIS pylons. Descending into the darkness, they find Mel Chow and her acolytes



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