Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 83

Kings and Princes

-Art Valentine, in a show of cooperation and solidarity, provides Tass from The Black Berg to all the cabals of The Accord
-Akiko Ninube returns from her mysterious errand on behalf of Loki. Her return is a cause of surprise for The Misfits, as they hardly realized she was missing
-Valerie “Val”, after many months of hard work and troubleshooting, finally completes her work on the Accord’s inter-chantry transport network; now, all the strongholds of the Accord can be instantaneously accessed from one another
-Valerie, upon her return to New York, receives a summons from Shinzo Watanabe. Shinzo reluctantly asks for Valerie’s help discovering who is attacking the Yakuza’s heroin couriers. Valerie, who has Akiko with her, agrees
-Nicholas Black returns the dark elf spear to King Alfred. Alfred insists that Nick remain as his guest, and his tutor regarding Midgard. Nick deftly extricates himself, but promises to return with more to teach, finding the Dark Elven king an apt pupil
-Posing as an FBI agent, Valerie works with Detective Hill to learn more about the 4 men that she and Akiko watched assassinate the heroin courier. Meanwhile, Akiko follows the assassins and learns more about the distribution network of the stolen heroin. Together, they are able to link the thefts to the underlings of Dom Vito
-Nick travels to Chelsea to visit the Reading Room of the The Serpent Society, and use The Orb of Elantris. While using the orb, he discovers Mel Chow, still alive and in Birmingham. He also sees Douglas Moss, one of the Renouncers who was reported missing by Barabbas, safely at home in Birmingham
-upon returning to Birmingham, Nick interrogates Douglas Moss, who tells him he was kidnapped by a large man and driven to a school in Lichfield, where a woman prayed with him and another man brought him back to Birmingham
-Valerie and Akiko present their findings to Shinzo; Shinzo, who understands that the yakuza have been deeply disrespected by Dom Vito, vows to redress the situation and make an example. He asks Yoshi to get him a pound of gold



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