Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 82

The Wedding

January 21 – 30, 1987
-Nicholas Black and Rory Cooper trace James Watts, one of the missing Renouncers, to the Tesco where he works, and the Holy Trinity, Anglican church of Lance Beckett, where Watts prays. Beckett points them to Mr. Egg, where the Renouncers go after Church on Sundays
-Sarah Giles searches for the mind of Alison “Ally” Graves on the Digital Web
-at Nick’s request, Sarah builds 10 trackers that last 6 months each. Nick gives the trackers to the remaining members of the Renouncers, so if they go missing they can easily be tracked
-Sarah and Nick determine that Ally’s consciousness is likely being stored on Autochtonia, the stronghold of Iteration X
-the Misfit’s travel to Norway for Rory’s wedding to Jack O’Shadows
-the ceremony is going to be filmed by documentarian Lars Brevik, so the mages must remain discrete
-Nick and the male Sons of Odin act as Rory’s groom’s party, and assist him with the many challenges he must perform. Sarah Giles and Emma Windsor act as Jack’s bridal party, and are guided through the process by Brynhildr
-after the rituals are completed and the film crews have left, the real wedding party begins. Brynhildr, impressed by Jack’s mettle, offers a cask of the Mead of Idunn. While Ingvald the Skald sings the story of Malekki, King Alfred appears to dispute the tale. King Alfred comes bearing a gift: the mirror to Rory Cooper’s Brass Knuckles. King Alfred also demands the return of his spear



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