Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 81

The Well of Mimir

December 31, 1986 – January 21, 1987
-Amund Ellestad asks Rory Cooper and Jack O’Shadows if they will consent to have their wedding filmed as part of a documentary
-Nicholas Black meets Rangda upon her return from time displacement and gets her up to speed
-Nick is introduced to Barnabas, the representative of the Renouncers, who needs some help – members of the small band of repentant demons living on Earth in Birmingham have been going missing
-Nick summons the spirit of Martin Vincent to ask about one of his past lives, The Miracle Man, to help fix Silver. Unfortunately Martin’s shade can not reach through the mists of time to access that life, and the secret to repairing Silver is lost
-Rory travels to Mimir’s Well, and chats with Mimir before casting his eye into the well in exchange for great oracular power
-Rory transplants a portion of Yggdrasil to his Godswood
-Nick and Rory being to investigate the fate of the Renouncers
-Morgan Lafayette contacts Art Valentine and claims an opportunity to address The Accord



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