Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 80


December 22 – December 31, 1986
-with the aid of the Order of the Firemind, Sarah Giles successfully infiltrates the Quasar Institute and installs the Manhattan’s Module on the satellite
-Rory Cooper and Nicholas Black arrive at the Conclave with Martin Vincent‘s body, just in time to stop a drunken Jack O’Shadows from telling all that had transpired at the The Mission House, although Art Valentine gets misdirected
-members of the Lichfield Six arrive at the Conclave, where they lay claim to the Martyrs’ now vacant node
-Rory proposes to Jack, and she accepts
-Nick and Rory go shopping for an engagement ring
-The Misfits enjoy a quite Christmas eve
-Thrunn Halvar calls Rory and tells him he has successfully crafted a suit of Primium chainmail for him
-The Misfits hold a funeral service for Martin, which is attended by The Green Man and Mother Abigail. Martin’s body is ultimately buried at The Sacred Grove
-Rory meets the mystery woman from the night of the Mission House Massacre at The Grove, and learns that she is The Emissary
-Nick meets with Lady Amaterasu, and offers her the remaining essence of Noh
-Sarah receives the Mnemnophage device from Milton Berliner, fulfilling their agreement
-Rory summons Brynhildr and invites her to his forthcoming wedding. Brynhilder insists on fighting Rory’s bride-to-be, to prove her worthiness. Jack and Brynhildr battle, and Jack acquits herself well



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