Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 101

Dancing Queen

July 1, 1987
Card: The Devil
- The Misfits and their allies in The Triptych and The Circle arrive in Trinity, Newfoundland, to deal with the incursion by Qulalathun that Rory stumbled upon
-they find the town under a massive thunder storm, and seemingly deserted, but can hear the distant sound of gun blasts
-following the sounds, they arrive at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity. The scene outside is a grisly one, with a badly mutilated body and a number of seeming townsfolk felled gunfire
-once they convince the occupant of the Church that they are friendly, they find an embattled Templar squire named Gal Haddid. She reports that a contingent of Knights Templar came to deal with the Far Umbral incursion, but were quickly overwhelmed by violent townsfolk and hideous abominations. Gal, injured, fell back to the defensible position provided by the Church
-Hengroen heals Gal’s wounds, but she is too mentally enervated to join the Misfits on their journey to the Gate, so she plans to hold the Church while the rest go on
-The Misfits liberate a pick-up truck, but are waylaid by a group of villagers and a strange spider-like abomination. The villagers try to impede the truck, but after a scuffle they manage to break away
-The Misfits finally reach the house on the hill – Art Valentine takes the truck to draw off the guards while the rest sneak in
-Rory Cooper subdues the caretaker, and the Misfits position themselves upstairs
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker, uses his electric pentacle to contain spirits, Nicholas Black creates a ward over the gateway, and Amund Ellestad and The Doctor keep watch while Rory performs a ritual to bring Sharon out of Unsleep. Eventually he succeeds, closing the gateway
-A spider abomination somehow crawls through Sarah Giles’s correspondence conduit and into her sanctum – it attacks her, but with the assistance of Shadow and Irelyth the abomination is defeated, but Sarah Giles is badly wounded in the process
-the Misfits bring Sharon back to the Church of the Most Holy Trinity to deal with the villagers still possessed by Heralds of Unsleep, but as they regroup the faintly hear the sound of approaching helicopters



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