The year is 1987, and the place is Birmingham, England. The cabal of mystics known as the Misfits are beset on all sides by enemies, and for every fallen foe, two more seem to rise to take their place. The conspiracy known as the Technocracy keeps them under constant surveillance, and thwarts their every endeavour. Pledged to fight in wars on multiple fronts, their resources are spread thin. Even their ostensible allies do not trust them, and some would do them harm if they could. Despite many setbacks, the Misfits have forged strong alliances and foundations in the mortal and magical communities, earning great power from their tribulations. Of course, this power makes them targets to dark forces.

And yet, the Misfits continue to fight for their survival. For they know that somewhere out there lies the goal of all Mages… Ascension.

The Gun Quarter is an ongoing Mage: The Ascension campaign that began in June 2013, set in 1984, using the Revised Rule set. Campaign rules were updated to incorporate M20 on its release.

The Gun Quarter is currently on hiatus.

Mage: The Gun Quarter

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